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Our products are made from the pasture-raised, whole animals we buy directly from regeneratively-managed, local farms. This means that we know exactly where all our meat and bones come from (down to the paddock) and exactly how the animals were raised and the farms are managed. 

The animals we source are an expression of these vibrant farm ecosystems. The more biodiversity in the system that your food comes from, the more beneficial, microbial diversity you'll develop in your gut. A healthy gut is the cornerstone of a healthy body.

That's why it's so important to eat plants and animals that are raised on living soils and pastures. Healthy ecosystems = nutrient-dense food = healthy humans.

Along with our broths and fats, we also make heat-and-eat sauces and soups. We love to cook, but there are some days when we're over it and what we need is to put our feet up with a nice glass of something medicinal and let someone else do the work. We call these the Put Your Feet Up sauces because that's what they let you do.

If you're making your own broth and you don't see the bones you want listed here, please call us - we have bones from all the whole animals we receive.

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Organic chicken bone broth 750 ml
Pasture-raised beef bone broth 750 ml
Sommerlad Chicken Fat (Schmaltz)
Pastured Beef Fat
Pastured Pork Lard
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Sommerlad heritage chicken liver - app 400 gm
Organic chicken liver pack
Lamb liver app 400g
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Lamb/Goat tongues app 500g
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Pastured beef bones
Pastured beef bones
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Pastured veal bones
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Pastured pork bones
Lamb bones
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Lamb bones
Organic chicken carcass
Sommerlad chicken carcass 1.0 kg
Pastured pork kidney - app 350 g
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Goat liver app 400g
Goat kidney app 500g
Lamb kidney app 500g
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