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Unlike most butchers, we exclusively buy whole animals direct from the farm. This means that we know exactly where all our meat and bones come from (down to the paddock) and exactly how the animals were raised and the farms are managed. 

Our objective is to honour the life of these animals and the work put into raising them by using every single part of the animal. When we break these whole carcasses and bone out some of the muscles, we use some of the bones to make broth and the rest we sell in bags for our customers to make broth. We divide these bones up into packs of marrow bones (from beef leg and shoulder), joint bones (with more collagen) and mixed bones (from all over the carcass).

We offer bones from all the animals we source - beef and veal, pigs, lambs, goats and chickens. Our broth is made by roasting our bones and then simmering very gently for 12 to 24 hours, skimming as we go. Usually it's made from the bones from different animals from the farms with which we work. But sometimes it's 'single origin' broth - made from the bones of animals from one particular farm.

If you don't see the bones you're after listed here, please call us and ask if they're in stock.

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24 hour Chicken bone broth
24 hour Beef bone broth
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Put Your Feet Up Meat Sauce
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Lamb bones
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