Boer goat (farmed)

We've been buying whole, award-winning, 'Gourmet Goat Lady' Boer goats farmed at Buena Vista Farm near Collie since November 2011. We receive chevon (milk and grass-fed) and capretto (milk-fed) goats.

What is 'farmed' goat?

90% of the goat sold and exported in Australia is feral or 'low input' composite goat - marketed under the more poetic euphemism of 'Rangeland' goat. The quality of feral goat meat can be highly variable depending on where and how the goats lived and buying it can be a bit of a lottery.

But healthy, farmed goat is an altogether different product with consistently high quality and wonderful flavour.

Because we buy the whole body (no boxed meat) we can usually cut anything you require. So if you don't see a product you're after here, just email or call and we'll make it for you.

Photo: Gourmet Goat Lady Boer buck taken on a visit to the farm.

15 results
Goat chunks on the bone - app 1.0 kg
Goat shanks - app 1.0 kg
Goat ribs - app 500 gm
Goat loin cutlets - app 500 gm
Goat loin rack - app 700 gm
Goat loin roast - app 600-700 gm
Goat loin chops - app 500 gm
Goat breast rolled roast marinated - app 1.0 kg
Goat rump roast - app 750 gm
Goat leg on bone - app 2.0 kg
Goat shoulder on bone - app 1.8-2.0 kg
Goat shoulder pillow, boned - app 1.8 kg
Goat liver app 400g
Goat kidney app 500g
Lamb/Goat tongues app 500g
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