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Pastured is best - video interview with young farming advocate, Chilli Donela 
Chilli Donela
April 2024

Farm Yarns with Feather and Bone
Farmer's Footprint
December 2023

'Reconnect With the Food You Eat and Support Ethical Farming at Feather and Bone’s New Butchery and Providore'
Pilar Mitchell, Broadsheet

6 June 2022

Australian Farmers 'Telling Our Story' podcast
Angie Asimus chats to Laura Dalrymple.
Listen here.

Classes for conscious carnivores
At butchery class, ‘conscious carnivores’ learn to break down a pig to better understand the ethics of eating meat.
Karen Pakula, The Saturday Paper

5 March 2022

The List of 100 Green Power Players 2022
Inaugural list of 100 inovators, developers, financiers, and activists working to effect change. We're in the 'Conscious Consumption' section - 'Ethics, innovation and the determination to make a difference. The 10 names to know in sustainable food and wine.'
John Lethlean, The Australian
25 February 2022

Gabrielle Chan talks about 'Why You Should Give a F*ck About Farming' with Laura Dalrymple.
Tuesday 2 November 2021
Whatever you eat, wherever you live, we all have a stake in the future of food and farming and Chan’s wide-ranging, lively new book, 'Why You Should Give a F*ck About Farming (Because You Eat)', explains why all of us have skin in this game. 

Meat 2.0 - is plant-based protein the way forward? 
"Meat isn't the problem – the issue is human behaviour and our dysfunctional relationship with nature."
Callan Boys, Good Food, Sydney Morning Herald & The Age
30 July 2021


Meat is hard
Laura Dalrymple interviewed by Jade Miles
Futuresteading podcast
April 2021 

The Ethical Omnivore and the power of our choices around meat
Grant Hilliard interviewed by Dr Ron Ehrich
Unstress podcast
April 2021

From sommelier to meat smith - the journey of a true food facilitator
Grant Hilliard interviewed by Charlie Arnott
The Regenerative Journey podcast
March 2021 

Panel: Path to Profitability
Balancing ecological gains with running a profitable regenerative enterprise. 
Panel discussion with Feather and Bone, Provenir, Tas Ag Co and facilitated by Sara Schmude
Panel discussion hosted by Maia Grazing
9 March 2021

Laura Dalrymple and Grant Hilliard interviewed by Walkley Award-winner, Dan Bouchier 
Floriade Australia Festival, Canberra

19 September 2020

Laura Dalrymple, Grant Hilliard & Charlotte Wood chat about The Ethical Omnivore
Better Read Than Dead event
13 August 2020

Food Fight podcast: The Ethical Omnivore w/ Feather and Bone
Quicksand Food - Food Fight Podcast

15 August 2020

ABC TV The Drum
31 July 2020
Interview (35 minutes into the show)

The Canary in the Coalmine
ABC Landline
27 October 2019
Read our blog post about this story


Meat 2.0 - is plant-based protein the way forward? 
"Meat isn't the problem – the issue is human behaviour and our dysfunctional relationship with nature."
Callan Boys, Good Food, Sydney Morning Herald & The Age
30 July 2021

Why getting back to basics is good for you - and the animals you eat
"'Interconnectedness' is this year's buzzword but 'The Ethical Omnivore', written before the pandemic, explains why your food choices matter more than you probably thought."
Necia Wilden, The Australian Financial Review
16 September 2020

Have a butcher's: a book that's not for the faint-hearted
"I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that this is a book that'll change some people's lives...this is a must-read for anyone who thinks about what they eat."
John Lethlean, The Weekend Australian
19 September 2020
(If you're fire-walled, try this link)

The Ethical Omnivore: food for thought

10 September 2020
From the source: a better way to buy meat

8 September 2020

Anyone who eats anything, ever, should buy this curiously hybrid book
Elizabeth Farrelly, Opinion, Sydney Morning Herald 

5 September 2020

Iso baking is just one of the trends driving demand for cook books
Dani Valent, M Magazine, The Age

22 August 2020

The ethical omnivore: How farmers are changing the way we eat
The Canberra Times

12 August 2020

Parts unknown: whole animal recipes from Feather and Bone
The Guardian
4 August 2020

The Free-Range Con: Why We’re Deliberately Misled About Chickens and Eggs
4 August 2020

The Two of Us
Sydney Morning Herald
& The Age, Good Weekend magazine 

5 June 2020

Here's what it feels like to look your dinner in the eyes
Business Insider
18 June 2014

Meet the butcher who supports Meat Free Week
Business Insider
25 March 2014


The Providore's Report, Weekends with Simon Marnie
ABC Radio 702
Every third week

Can you be an ethical omnivore?
Phillip Adams, Late Night Live, ABC Radio National
24 September 2020

This sustainably focussed butcher wants you to choose meat the way you choose wine
ABC Radio Drive - Perth: interview with Laura Dalrymple

13 August 2020 

The Ethical Omnivore and meat sustainability
2SER Radio interview with Grant Hilliard

13 August 2020

Eat out in: The Ethical Omnivore
On Nightlife with Indira Naidoo, ABC Radio

7 August 2020


Regionality Farm 2 Plate conference
May 18-19, 2021

Laura Dalrymple joins Matthew Evans, Bruce Pascoe, Christine Manfield and others presenting at this two day regenerative farming love-in at the Scenic Rim, Queensland.

'Food in a Changing Climate' discussion 
14 May 2021, Gleebooks - in person
Mrs Feather will interview author Alana Mann, Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Communications, Sydney University, about her wonderful new book.

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