Private classes

Christmas party, team building exercise, buck or hen’s party, staff development, family get-together or just a group of friends catching up to do something a bit different? We’ve had ‘em all.

Let us know if you’d like a private butchery or sausage making class and we can tailor it just for you. 20 is about the limit.

Butchery Demonstration
90 minutes 

Coolroom crop

This is for those of you who aren't up for the whole three or four hour, hands-on class but are keen to learn more about meat cuts and provenance. We do these on the last Saturday of the month.

Advanced Butchery 
4.5 hours 

Butchery class PiG

This is for those who want to actually butcher a whole body. You'll leave with half a suckling pig prepared into a porchetta, stuffed shoulder and dressed leg.

Intro to Whole Animal Butchery
4 hours 

Demonstration of breaking a whole pig or lamb followed by instruction and hands on butchering. You’ll take home the meat you cut and a head full of inspiration and knowledge.

Home Butchery (Butchery 101)
4 hours 

We’ll explain the provenance of the meats we source and then we’ll teach you some core skills to make you a butcher boss at home: how to bone and butterfly a chicken and how to tie a beautiful lamb leg roast. You’ll also learn how to properly sharpen your knives. 

Sausage making
3 hours 

You’ll learn about fat content, mince grades, the delicate balance of herbs and spices in the mix and get to try your hand at the whole process - mincing, mixing and linking.

Class gift vouchers - currently not available

Give your loved ones the gift of knowledge with a butchery or sausage making class voucher! They may think they know everything but you and I know that isn't true and you should see what happens in the cool room when people start connecting with their inner butcher... 

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