We bang on about it all the time but, in case you hadn’t noticed, we buy whole bodies – NO BOXED MEAT. 

That means we’ve got the whole body to sell – nose to tail and everything in between. Including cuts that many of us, these days, have barely heard of, let alone know how to cook. This poses some challenges but also provides some excellent opportunities.


If there’s something you’re looking for and you don’t see it, please ask because we’re bound to have it. 

Ditto with different sizes or special packing. We’re happy to customize your order if what’s listed here isn’t quite what you’re after but please note that we need 48 hours notice for this. We can’t offer all of the available cuts that whole bodies yield online, so what you see listed here is the greatest hits collection. The rest of it is available at our place when you come over or by special order here.It’s also worth saying that there are lots of variables in what we source – different farming practices, geography and different breeds that grow at varying rates and weights. Not to mention the fact that all the animals we source are entirely pasture-raised which brings the weather, in all its unpredictable glory, into the equation. All of this means that, while we do our best to provide you with a consistent product, we’re also committed to supporting producers who work in system with a lot of built-in variability so we ask for your patience if you can’t see what you want. If we can’t get it now, we’re bound to be able to get it soon. Find out more about our approach here.

Whole Body Challenges
  1. We have to sell the whole body Not just the steak and chops, but also the ribs and shanks and livers and flanks and hocks and heads, to make a living.

  2. Convince you to live dangerously This means we have to encourage you to occasionally move outside your comfort zone and try cooking up a storm of lamb breast instead of lamb rack. You can see where we’re going with this.

  3. Not enough to go round In winter, everyone wants lamb shanks and osso buco and in summer everyone wants chicken wings and steaks. The animal, however, doesn’t grow extra legs or lose them to correspond with consumers’ seasonal demands. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure the maths on that particular little problem.
    This is why most butchers buy boxes of whatever meat their customers want for the season.

  4. Mother Nature at work Our farmers do their best to produce whole bodies of a consistent weight, size and fat score but farming pasture-raised animals isn’t an exact science.
    So, the whole lamb we get this month could be 10 kg heavier than the whole lamb we got last month. This means all the cuts from that lamb will be bigger than the ones we advertised last month.
    This is tricky when you’re selling the meat online for a flat price and explains why we often give you the weight of an item, rather than the quantity.
Whole Body Opportunities
  1. A world of new cuts You get to open your hearts and minds to a fabulous array of different culinary adventures with cuts like lamb breast, beef skirt and pork medallion not to mention the whole retro thing with gammon and corned beef.

  2. Real yield Primary cuts like beef eye fillet are the most popular and familiar. But beef eye fillet, for example, only comprises about 2% of the whole carcass. You'd never know it, though, because butchers tend to buy boxes of cuts that they know are popular with the punters so there's always plenty of cheap eye fillet available. Not at our place, however.The good thing about this is that there’s about 98% left over that is also delicious and, importantly, cheaper. If you’re interested in supporting the alternative to intensive farming, you need to learn to love the secondary cuts. 

  3. Greater choice Choosing to buy whole bodies allows us to source from small farms with superb quality produce that can only afford to sell the whole animal. This means more diversity in breeds and growing practices which means more options for you. 

  4. Quality control It also means that we have greater quality control and we can be absolutely sure we’re getting what we ordered. In addition, there are few better ways to determine the health and vitality of an animal than by scrutinising the organs, which you only get if you buy the whole animal.

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