"It is both a beautiful book but also one of great importance: well written, great stories and it addresses the huge topic of false beliefs promulgated by vegans and others equally divorced from nature."

Charlie Massy, author of 'Call of the Reed Warbler' 

"Part autobiography, part farm-narrative, part eco-analysis, part recipe omnibus, this is a book that should not work. Yet its curious hybrid genre is unified and exalted by the engaging, intelligent prose, evocative images and the fact that it’s really a book about relationships. 'Every time we buy something,' the authors note, 'we vote for the system that produced it.' My advice? Buy this book. Vote. Anyone who eats anything, ever – including breatharians - should buy it, read it and shove it in every Christmas stocking you can find."

~ Dr Elizabeth Farrelly, columnist, essayist, novelist, critic and speaker

Read Elizabeth's full review here.

"Wise, informed and occasionally funny, this is the cookbook for anybody who truly cares about the meat they eat. Part anecdote, part searingly intellectual, and always heartfelt and wonderfully written, it’s the kind of book only the butchers who think we should eat less meat could write. What Laura and Grant espouse is food that is better for the animals, better for the planet, better for our communities, and ultimately better for you."

~ Matthew Evans, chef, writer, TV presenter, recipe contributor

"This book – an earthy, warmly intelligent guide to the moral and environmental implications of what and how we eat - has come at exactly the right moment. Without shying from the hard truths, and without a speck of sanctimony, the authors set out a practical, meaningful and thoroughly inspiring path to a more hopeful food future. From their passion for soil microbes to an honest description of abattoir practices to eye-opening truths about the horrifying destruction caused by interventionist agriculture (including intensive vegetable farming), Dalrymple and Hilliard show us how to mend our disconnection from nature, in the process honouring those imaginative, determined farmers already quietly regenerating and healing our land.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough – science-focused but with a contagiously energetic optimism, it’s the antidote to despair we so desperately need. Read it, give it to your friends, then cook for them with whole, natural food. We can start repairing our land and nourishing our souls by dinner time."

~ Charlotte Wood AM, author of 'The Weekend' and the Stella Prize-winning 'Natural Way of Things', recipe contributor 

"Beautiful book by one of our most wonderful suppliers, Feather and Bone Providore, fighters for all things good and ethical in nose to tail eating."

~ Neil Perry AM, chef, restaurateur

"Full of their intelligent and witty style, sharing stories and info of meat grown like it should be, complete with recipes from farmers and chefs who are living our best ethical omnivore lives...This is an excellent contribution to the movement to grow animals as they should be."

~ Tammi Jonas, farmer, activist, recipe contributor

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