Sift Produce fresh fruit & vegetables

We're still stupidly excited about the fact that Gorgeous Georgie from Sift Produce and her exquisite fresh fruit and veg is now available through Feather and Bone. Georgie does with plants what we do with meat - sources direct from local farms practicing regenerative agriculture - and she supplies us and a small number of Sydney restaurants.

This is how you can buy from Sift Produce.

  • Order a box by midday on Tuesday and pick up on Friday or Saturday at the butchery. Georgie offers a small box fo $65.00 or a large box for $95.00.
  • Or, come over and browse the Sift Produce offerings every second Saturday at the butchery from 8.00 am to midday.
  • On the weekends that Georgie is not in the shop she will leave us with a smaller, yet equally as delicious, seasonal selection to keep you going until her next market day.

Sift Saturdays in 2019:
July 20
August 3, 17, 31
September 14, 28
October 12, 26
November 9, 23
December TBA

Can't get here at all?

If you can't get to Marrickville at all, you still won't miss out because we can deliver to you. Simply order a Sift Produce Mixed Box AND a box of Feather and Bone meats and we will deliver to you on Friday, depending on your location. 

How to order a mixed Sift Box for delivery 

  • Order a box from Sift Produce by midday on Tuesday.
  • Order $80.00 worth of produce from Feather and Bone online by midday on Thursday.
  • We'll deliver to you on Friday (depending on your location).

Sift Produce & Feather and Bone

We first met Georgie Neal in March 2016 when we ran a Concrete Kitchen workshop and dinner with the gorgeous chef, Danielle Alvarez, in March 2016, before she opened Fred's in Paddington. Georgie sourced the most beautiful, locally-grown fruit and vegetables for the event and we were hooked. It was abundantly clear that, in addition to sharing a passion for the best quality, we were completely aligned in terms of our commitment to supporting regenerative farming and encouraging more mindful, sustainable production and consumption. It felt like a perfect match.

So we immediately set about trying to seduce her to join us at Feather and Bone as soon as possible. Fortunately, she was receptive to our advances and in June 2016, we hosted the first Sift Produce stall at Feather and Bone.

Anyone who's been to our place regularly on a Saturday over the last two years will have come across Georgie's mouth watering array of produce. Initially it was only monthly, but it soon became a regular Saturday morning offer. These days, you can pick up Sift Produce mixed boxes at Feather and Bone every Saturday and every second Saturday Georgie's here in the morning with a stall overflowing with lovely gear. 

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