Belted Galloway hide cured with Black Wattle bark
True nose to tail
Almond Grove turkey
The only Humane Choice Free Range turkey in Australia
Turkey not your thing?
Try a jumbo Sommerlad Heritage chook
Pig's Arse collection
Collaboration with artist Julie Paterson
Christmas is coming!
Don't leave it til the last minute...
Eat a balanced diet
Sift Produce fruit & vegetables every Saturday morning
Morrocan lamb burger
Bone in ham
Bone in ham
From $174.00
Easycarve ham
Easycarve ham
From $184.25
Half ham: hock end app 3.0-3.4 kg
Only 4 left!
Half ham: round end app 2.8-3.2 kg
Ham: skin and score for glazing
Glazed Feather and Bone ham
We'll glaze your ham for you!
Pig's Arse ham bag

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