Goat ribs are delicious, cheap and under-rated. Use in a lovely, long, slow braise or marinate in a rich, sticky mix and then roast or bbq. Ribs go well with honey and soy or cumin and oil marinades, but they're delicious just roasted or barbecued with just a drizzle of oil, salt and pepper.

Or you could try the Goat Roll up which is what you have when you remove the rib bones - a flat cut of meat and delicious fat that can we roll up for roasting or braising.

Cooking suggestion

Brown your rollup first and then put into a warm baking dish with plenty of wine and possibly a bed of finely diced onion, carrot and celery. Or a rough, chunky dice of said vegetables, depending on your mood and time at hand.

Roast, uncovered, in a 160 degree oven for about 40 minutes and then uncovered until it's ready. Let the ribs rest for at least 20 minutes. Boil the cooking juices to reduce and thicken. Slice your rollup, top with the reduced cooking sauce and serve.

Our goat is farmed and comes from The Gourmet Goat Lady.

We received our first delivery of Jo and Craig Stewart's 'Gourmet Goat Lady' Boer goats farmed at Buena Vista Farm near Gilgandra in November 2011 and we've been buying it almost every fortnight since then. Goat has it's fans, like our friend, James, who says 'Goat is the new lamb', but it's taken a while for people here to catch on. In the rest of the world, goat is the most commonly eaten meat and goat milk the most widely consumed but, while we export a lot, we don't eat much. That's due partly to unfamiliarity and partly to bad press. 

90% of the goat sold and exported in Australia is feral or 'low input' composite goat - marketed under the more poetic euphemism of 'Rangeland' goat. The quality of feral goat meat can be highly variable depending on where and how the goats lived and buying it can be a bit of a lottery - sometimes it's plump and delicious and other times stringy and tough. The variable quality and unfamiliarity means that folks are a little wary of goat and tend to default to lamb, but healthy, farmed goat, such as those tended and managed by the Stewarts, is an altogether different product with consistently high quality and wonderful flavour. 

Don't just take our word for it. Jo and Craig Stewart won a coveted gold medal for a Gourmet Goat Lady rack (yes, rack) in the 'Best Branded Goat' category of the 2017 Australian Food Awards. This is further evidence that this is a great product and testament to all the hard work that Jo (the Gourmet Goat Lady) and Stewart (the Gourmet Goat Gentleman) have put in over the last six years. It's also worth noting that the Gold Medal cut wasn't the usual suspect - shoulder or other slow-cooking cut - but a succulent rack of cutlets.

Hopefully that'll help convince you to think of more than just curry when you think of goat.

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