Christmas pudding with buffalo milk Lemon Myrtle Anglaise

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Available from Monday 18th December. 

A moist, boozy, rich Christmas pudding loaded with nuts and fruit and made with our organic Wagyu suet and Woodstock organic stoneground flour - surprisingly light and delicate, given what's in it.

Comes with our Burraduc buffalo milk lemon myrtle Anglaise sauce for next level pudding action.

The complex qualities of the milk from Burraduc Buffalo Dairy near Seal Rocks on the northern coast of NSW never fail to delight and surprise us. Traditionally, a creme anglaise sauce contains cream and vanilla but there's so much going on in the flavour of this buffalo milk that these additions just aren't necessary. A little brandy and freshly-picked lemon myrtle leaves provides the perfect foil to the richness of the milk and a lovely, silky sauce for the pudding.  

Cooking instructions
You're going to heat it in the bag it's wrapped in so don't take it out of the bag! Select a pot large enough to fit the pudding, fill it with water and bring it to a gentle simmer, not a boil - your pudding is cooked, you are simply warming it as gently as possible. Pop the pudding-in-the-bag into the water for one to two hours. In the meantime, pour the whey sauce out of the jar and into a pot on a very low heat and gently bring it up to minimum 74˚C

Christmas Pudding: raisins, sultanas, currants, almonds, organic Wagyu suet, orange juice & rind, lemon juice & rind, apple, carrot, brandy, stout, bread crumb, bakers flour, demerara sugar, eggs, cinnamon, mixed spice, candied orange, cherries. 
Buffalo Milk Lemon Myrtle AnglaiseSauce: Burraduc buffalo milk, pastured eggs, brown sugar, brandy, lemon myrtle leaves, salt. 
Made in a kitchen that also handles sesame seeds, soy, wheat, lupin and sulphites.
Keep refrigerated below 4˚C.
Use within three days of opening. 

Photos by Alan Benson, styling by Jane Hann, cooking by Hamish Pollitt.

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