Nonie's Fabulous Panpepato (gluten free)


300 gm of rich, dark, chocolatey, spicy and irresistible deliciousness. 

Panpepato is an Italian Christmas treat translating as ‘peppered bread’ and is a type of panforte descending from medieval sweet breads. It's rustic, rich and indulgent featuring organic cacao, premium Australian Malfroy's Gold honey, nuts and sultanas finishing with a surprising hint of freshly ground black pepper and spices.

Free of gluten, wheat, dairy and soy. Store in a cool, dark place.

We first tried Panpepato in 2011 when the gorgeous Katia, our first employee, presented us with one as a Christmas present. Katia is smart, funny, talented and highly competent and we knew she had Italian heritage and liked to cook. But we weren't prepared for her Panpepato and it blew us away. In 2012, Katia had left us to pursue her acting career full-time but, in response to our desperate pleas for more Panpepato, she kindly gave us the recipe. Fortunately for us (and all of you too), the talented chef and baker Nonie Dwyer had recently entered our lives, just in time to whip up some Christmas Panpepato. Again, it was incredible and that Christmas, Nonie made enough for us to sell to all of you too. 

Almost every Christmas since then, we've purchased our personal Panpepato stocks from Nonie to gorge on and give to our friends. But last year, Nonie's gluten-free bakery, Nonie's Food, made enough Panpepato for us to offer it to you too and they've done it again this year.

Nonie also makes the wonderful gluten-free bread we sell. 

Photos by Alan Benson.

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