Wild Glaze: Malfroys Gold honey & Wildflower Ale

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Treat your ham to a delicious dressing of the only genuinely wild and organic ham glaze in Australia - made with Malfroys Gold Wild Honey Wildflower Brewing's Gold Australian Wild Ale and. See below for more about these producers. Available Friday 1st December.

250 ml jar - enough for a whole ham. Baste, baste and baste again as the ham cooks and it will have a crisp, sweet, golden skin. Try our glazing instructions.

We can also skin and score your ham so it's ready for glazing. Or we can take care of the whole thing and glaze your ham for you.

Ingredients: Wildflower Gold Australian Wild Ale, Malfroys Gold honey, fresh orange juice, Dijon mustard and brown sugar. 

Wildflower Brewery and Malfroys Gold are two inspiring, much-lauded, local producers who are deeply committed to regenerative agriculture and their gorgeous ingredients make this a unique, Australian glaze.

We've been selling Malfroys Gold award-winning Honey since 2011. Order yours here.

Malfroys Gold Wild Honey

Go to Wild Honey to find out more about the amazing wildflowers and landscape of the Greater Blue Mountains and this ethical approach to apiculture that focuses on bee health over honey yield.

 Read about our trip to visit Malfroys Gold hives.

Wildflower Gold Australian Wild Ale 

The Ale in our glaze is Wildflower's Gold Australian Wild Ale which is made with foraged wild yeast, naturally occurring souring bacteria, certified organic malted barley, certified organic raw wheat - all sourced from a single regenerative organic farm in Coleambally, NSW - water, hops and brewers yeast. Wildflower’s beers are handmade products with wild ingredients and, just like wine, each batch varies slightly.

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