Margra Lamb Leg box No.1


This is a perfect box with 5 meals for a small family or for a lovely mixed lamb feast for a group. We've cut the shank into little osso buco rounds that will make a delicious, braised lamb ragu, the rump is a lovely roast and the other cuts provide perfect quick barbecue cooking. 

What's in the box:

  • Boned rump roast, tied - roast or bbq
  • Butterflied silverside with Moroccan marinade  - bbq or grill
  • About 8 topside skewers with Mediterranean marinade - bbq or grill
  • About 8 thinly-sliced minute steaks - quick sear on the bbq or grill
  • Osso buco - braise 

About Margra Lamb

This is the lamb chef Mark Best calls the best lamb he's ever eaten and it's turning up on the menus of some cracker Sydney restaurants including Fred's, Firedoor, 10 William, Sixpenny and Lankan Filling Station. One of our customers described the fat as 'exceptionally delicious white gold'.

Margra Lamb is a resilient, fertile and fast-growing sheep, pasture-fed and finished, that yields a fine-textured meat with a high level of intra-muscular and subcutaneous fat that melts at very low temperature. It also has a high level of Omega-3 long chain fatty acids (the good ones) that store moisture and add flavour.

The meat is fine-textured and delicious, but it's the fat that's really distinct - flavoursome and delicate and more neutral than most lamb fat, more like heritage pork than lamb. The low melting temperature means it behaves quite differently when cooked - it puffs up, softens and crisps on the outside. Delicious.

The farms on which Margra Lamb is grown are managed in broad accordance with regenerative principles and the lamb production is managed according to a strict protocol which ensures that they are:

  • always pasture-fed
  • no more than nine months at slaughter
  • free of antibiotics and hormones
  • no less than 87.5% pure Tattykeel Australian White genetics
  • transported no more than 24 hours prior to slaughter.

Read about our visit to Tattykeel Stud to see the Margra Lambs.

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