Pasture-raised beef bone broth 750 ml


Made exclusively using the bones from the whole animals we break here at Feather and Bone.

Some folks claim bone broth fixes everything - gut health, low energy, thin hair, road rage. What’s undeniable is that cooked bones from vigorous, healthy animals raised on dynamic, healthy soils produces a delicious broth filled with minerals, collagen and vitamins. The mixed bones used in this broth come from the certified organic, 18-32 month old, pasture-raised cattle that we source as whole bodies. 

We simmer the bones for 24 hours to extract all the goodness before straining and it's gelatinous and strong. Heat and drink as is or use for cooking. Heat to 74 degrees C for minimum 15 seconds before consumption.

Ingredients: water, mixed pasture-raised beef bones, bay leaves, pepper corns, apple cider vinegar.

Our beef comes from hormone-free, pasture-fed and finished cattle that range on chemical-free pastures. We buy whole bodies of beef on a rotating basis from a number of farms and we age prime cuts from three to seven weeks and secondary cuts from two to three weeks. Some farms are certified organic or biodynamic, all are chemical-free and regeneratively-managed.

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