This natural, hand-made, additive-free Mirin has been aged for four years and really brings out the best in whatever you're cooking. It's wonderful in sauces and in dishes but also delicious to drink.

Unlike the heavy, sugary taste that comes with using artificial sweeteners, Isshi Soden Mirin delivers a light, mellow sweetness that is only achievable by using traditional Koji-rice in the fermentation process.

Ingredients: Rice, koji-kin, shochu

Size: 600 ml

Here's the most delicious recipe for braised goat shoulder with eggplant, tomato and miso dressing which features both mirin and usukuchi (light) soy sauce from Matthew Evans' book For the Love of Meat.

Ogasawara Mirin is located in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture in Japan, an area well-known for its long history (over 200 years) of producing Mikawa Mirin. This region is known for its mild climate, high-quality rice, and excellent water. Taking full advantage of its small production system, this long-established company works ever so carefully to produce genuine, hand-made mirin.

Imported to Australia by the experts at Black Market Sake.

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