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Organic chicken livers, Pepe Saya culture ghee, NSW garlic, fresh thyme and bay leaves, Mudgee extra virgin olive oil, a spot of brandy, our wholesome organic chicken broth, egg yolk, and a spot of the smoked, nitrite-free bacon we make from the whole pasture-raised NSW pigs we receive weekly.

200 gm.

Spread this on some warm crusty bread or crackers with a few pickles on the side and just try not to finish the whole jar in one sitting.

Photo of our Chicken Liver Paté by Alan Benson from The Ethical Omnivore

About organ meats

Organ meats from healthy animals are among the most nutrient-dense foods and were highly prized in traditional societies where every part of the animal was consumed. The operative word here is 'healthy'. Organs such as the liver and kidneys perform critical filtering and cleansing functions in the body. The last thing you want to be eating is the organs from an unhealthy animal that led a miserable, restricted life in a shed.

All the organs we offer come from the whole, pasture-raised animals we source from regeneratively- managed farms. These animals are vigorous, robust and genuinely free ranging and their diets are diverse and complex resulting in prolific gut flora and healthy organs.

About liver

Liver is rich in protein, low in calories and packed with essential minerals and vitamins but it's particularly important because it supplies vitamins in easily accessible, 'active' forms such as vitamin D3, B12, folate, choline and retinol ('active' vitamin A). By contrast, plant sources of vitamin A require us to convert them during digestion in order to use them. And, of course, liver is rich in iron, supplied in the haem form which is helps maintain adequate stores of iron, particularly important for women.

Main photo: Alan Benson

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