Pastured pork leg ham: sliced


Thinly sliced ham - approximately 200 gm pack.

Made from the whole, heritage-breed pigs we source from regeneratively-managed local farms. All our pork is hormone and antibiotic-free and entirely free-ranging on chemical-free pasture.

Only about 1% of Australian pigs are truly 'pasture-raised'. This is different to 'free range' where the pigs are given access to pasture but their shelter is fixed. In a pastured system, the shelters are mobile which means the pigs can be moved frequently, allowing the land to recover and providing fresh pasture for ranging and foraging.

Our pigs come from regeneratively-managed farms including Bundarra Berkshires, Near River, Stockinpiggle Farm and Wallendbeen Farm in NSW and McIvor Farm in Victoria. Breeds include Berkshire, Duroc Landrace, English Large Black, Hampshire, Tamworth and Wessex Saddleback.

Our hams are brined (salt and sugar) and smoked and contain the lowest level of nitrite (0.002%). The legs we turn into hams arrive at our factory as whole animals direct from the farm through the abattoir.

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