Smoked, nitrate-free ham hock

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There are many excellent meals you can make with smoked ham hock, it's cheap, versatile and delicious.

Make a super simple ham hock soup (as pictured) with base of onions, carrots, celery, chuck in a hock or two and a few litres of water and bring to a simmer. Then add whatever veg are knocking around your fridge and larder - potatoes, pumpkin etc. Simmer for a few hours until the broth is rich and flavoursome and the ham is falling off the bone. Serve with crusty bread and lashings of butter or Goldstreet Clouds

Our hams are made from the whole pasture-raised, heritage breed pigs we source from regeneratively-managed NSW farms. They are brined (salt and sugar) and smoked and are completely nitrate free.

The legs we turn into hams arrive at our factory as whole animals direct from the farm through the abattoir. Throughout the year, we use some of the legs fresh, some we cure and sell as ham and some we put aside and store to build up enough stock for Christmas hams. This means that we know which farms our hams came from, how they’ve been stored, how they’ve been cured and, finally, who is buying them.

The Producers
We buy whole bodies of a range of different sized pigs on a rotating basis from a number of farms - from big baconers through to suckling pigs. Most available cuts come from porker pigs which are about 50-65 kg that are 5-7 months old. The pork we source is:

  • packed with the farm and breed clearly labelled;
  • hormone and antibiotic-free;
  • entirely free ranging on chemical-free pasture;
  • a mix of breeds including Berkshire, Landrace, Large White, English Large Black, Duroc, Wessex Saddleback and Tamworth;
  • from NSW farms.

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