Short Rib BBQ Kit with rub & sauce


Reminiscent of classic, Texan BBQ beef - but even better because you're starting with the best, pasture-raised beef in the country. Lavish it with our home-made BBQ sauce and your friends and family will never leave you.

Our kit includes:

Cooking tips

Ideally, your beef basks in the rub overnight before you pop it into the oven 150 oven for 4-5 hours for that delicious, pull-apart, brisket experience. (Some folks even make a braising mix of about a cup of beef broth and few tablespoons of BBQ Sauce and put that in the bottom of the baking pan.) Then, when the meat is really tender, pop it into a low BBQ for about 20 minutes - lid on - turning occasionally to char and caramelise on all sides.

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Brisket BBQ Kit with rub & sauce
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