Pastured pork chorizo sausage mince 400g


An aromatic, juicy pork mince that is delicious with a spicy tomato and chickpea stew or cooked with tomato and tossed through pasta. Our chorizo is fresh, unsmoked, although the smoked paprika gives it a lovely warm, rich undertone.

Made from our pork mince, fresh organic NSW garlic, salt, freshly-ground pepper, cayenne, sweet and smoked paprika and red wine.

App 400 gm pack. Fresh or frozen depending on what we're making each week.

Our sausages are hand made at Feather and Bone using natural skins and don’t contain any preservatives, gluten or fillers. All meat used is fully pasture-raised and chemical, hormone and antibiotic-free.

Produced at our Marrickville butchery using available meat from the whole bodies we source directly from the farm.

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