Pastured beef mince with organs 500 gm


Our pastured beef mince with 10-15% of the fresh organs from the beef bodies we source. This is a great way to get a nutritional boost and an excellent way to camouflage the virtues of organs to kids or adults who squirm at the idea.

If you're making a bolognaise you might want to use the delicious Roasted Tomato Passata we made with seasonal tomatoes. 

Organs will be fresh heart, liver and/or kidneys, depending on what's available. Our mince is typically 80% beef and 20% beef fat and made using the trim from the whole beef bodies we're breaking each week. This product is fresh, not frozen.

Sold in 500 gm packs. If you'd like larger quantities, let us know and we'll pack it separately for you.

We buy whole bodies of beef on a rotating basis from a number of farms and your cut will come from whichever beef is available and sufficiently aged when you order. The beef we source is:

  • packed with the farm, certification (if applicable) and breed clearly labelled;
  • dry aged for between two to six weeks, depending on the cut;
  • minimum 24 months old and could be up to 36 months or older (most beef is yearling);
  • hormone and antibiotic-free;
  • grass-fed and finished on chemical-free pasture (except in conditions such as drought where there is insufficient grass available when silage or sprouted grains may be used);
  • a mix of breeds including bio-dynamic Red Angus, organic Belted Galloway and organic Wagyu;
  • from NSW and Victorian farms.
The producers we work with are entirely transparent about their processes and welcome all questions.

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