Goldstreet Dairy Jersey Cheese


A crazily-delicious, halloumi-style cheese made with creamy, single-herd, Jersey milk from Camden, just out of Sydney. Serve with savoury condiments like our Salsa Verde or paired with cured meats or drizzle with Malfroys Gold honey, this cheese goes with everything and is completely addictive. Grill to achieve a gorgeous crust with a creamy, melting centre. 

Made by Colin Wood at Goldstreet Dairy, next to Wildflower Brewery, just down the road from us in Marrickville. 

275 gm block.

Ingredients: Jersey milk, animal rennet, salt, lemon peel.

Colin's cooking tips

  • Portion into the size of piece/s you want to serve. Soak any left over cheese in in lightly salted water and keep in the fridge.
  • Air dry the cheese - preferably on paper towel over night in the fridge. The less moisture there is, the less spitting you will get and the better the crust. Like a steak.
  • Heat a little oil, not too much, in a non stick pan and gently add your cheese. Swish it around a little.
  • Cook all the sides (including the ends) on a medium heat. Build the crust each time you turn the cheese, moderating your heat.
  • Grate a clove of garlic into the oil (right at the end so it doesn't burn) and brush it all over the cheese. If you like heat, add a finely diced fresh chilli too...
  • Rest your browned, crusted cheese on a paper towel.
  • Drown it in the best quality olive oil available to you. It's good cheese, it needs good oil.
  • Acidity and salt to finish, honey if you want sweetness and some heat is also a good idea. Pickles, chutneys, fruits, hot sauce, tomatoes all very good options too.

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