Grassland Sommerlad Booster Broth


This is a unique product made with the frames of healthy, strong, pasture-raised Grassland Sommerlad chickens from Grassland Poultry near Wellington. We simmer the bones with a delicious combination of immune-boosting extras resulting in a delicately-flavoured, super healthy broth. 

In Australia, the meat chicken industry is dominated by a single breed - white broilers - that are bred to grow super fast inside a shed. Grassland Sommerlad chickens are a welcome alternative - a slow-growing breed designed to thrive outside on Australian pastures. This is how chicken used to taste. 

750 ml jar. Heat and drink as is or use for cooking. Heat to 74 degrees C for minimum 15 seconds before consumption.

Ingredients: filtered water, Grassland Sommerlad chicken carcasses, bay leaves, pepper corns, fresh thyme, apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger, lemongrass, coriander, garlic, lemon, pepper corns, star anise, chilli, fermented fish sauce.

About our broths

The more biodiversity in the system that the ingredients come from, the more beneficial, microbial diversity you'll develop in your gut. A healthy gut is the cornerstone of a healthy body. This is why it's so important to make broth from animals that are raised outside on living soils and bio-diverse pastures, with access to diets that build healthy gut flora.

Healthy animals and plants = nutrient-dense food = healthy humans.    

Some folks claim bone broth fixes everything - gut health, low energy, thin hair, road rage. What we know is that cooked bones from vigorous, healthy animals raised on dynamic, healthy soils produces a delicious broth filled with minerals, collagen and vitamins. Good for your gut health and, therefore, good for your overall system.

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