Love My Whey Bird Brine
Love My Whey Bird Brine
Love My Whey Bird Brine
Love My Whey Bird Brine

Love My Whey Bird Brine

Love My Whey Bird Brine

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Available from Wednesday 23rd November.

Start your brining process two days before you plan to cook your turkey or chook. See instructions below.

This is the brine we use for our sous vide turkey breasts and for our whole turkeys - and it's also perfect for brining a chook. Your 1.0 litre jar is concentrated so it will yield four litres of brine, enough to submerge your turkey. See instructions below.

Made with salt and Burraduc buffalo milk whey left over from Burraduc cheese production, Love My Whey Bird Brine is a lovely twist on a traditional brine and a great opportunity to use another product from the wonderful Burraduc Buffalo farm and dairy . It's hard to imagine more virtuous or cleaner whey.

How to use Love My Whey Bird Brine

To get the best results, allow at least 24 hours to brine and dry before you cook your bird: minimum 12 hours for brining and about the same to dry properly (in the fridge). If everything goes pear-shaped, even six hours in brine will improve your bird.

Your 1.0 litre jar is concentrated. Add three litres of water to your litre of concentrated brine to make a total of four litres, enough to submerge a turkey. (If you're brining a smaller bird, reduce the ratios - use half the jar of concentrated brine and add 1.5 litres of water.)

Make sure your bird is fully covered with the brine/water mix. Find a container or pot that will fit the bird nice and snug, with the top of the bird covered in brine. If you don't have anything suitable, you can pop the bird in a plastic bag, pour in the brine mix, squeeze out as much air as possible and tie the bag securely so it doesn't leak. 

Pop your brining bird into the fridge and leave for 12 hours or so. Then take it out of the brine and let it dry in the fridge for another 12 hours or so. Then it will be ready to cook.