This is a perfect box with 5 meals for a small family or for a lovely mixed lamb feast for a group. We've cut the shank into little osso buco rounds that will make a delicious, braised lamb ragu, the rump is a lovely roast and the other cuts provide perfect quick barbecue cooking. 

What's in the box:

  • Lamb Rump Roast
  • Butterflied silverside with Moroccan marinade  - bbq or grill
  • About 8 topside skewers with Mediterranean marinade - bbq or grill
  • About 8 thinly-sliced minute steaks - quick sear on the bbq or grill
  • Osso buco - braise 

About Moorlands biodynamic Texel Lamb
For the 10th consecutive year, we proudly welcome the seasonal return of the celebrated Moorlands biodynamic Texel lambs after the winter break. The lambs are bigger than usual with a beautiful, even fat cover which means that they've thrived and grown very quickly this year. This speaks to both the health of the soil at Moorlands and the abundance and quality of the feed on Vince's native pastures. All of which, of course, reinforces the efficacy of Vince's regenerative management practices.

We've visited many times over the last decade and written many blogs about Vince Heffernan and his remarkable farming approach. Read about Moorlands in this blog post or read the case study about Moorlands in our book, The Ethical Omnivore, published in August 2020.


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