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We're thrilled to be able to offer a small number of these excellent birds, processed and frozen in Winter at optimum size, condition and quality.  

Supplied thawed and ready to cook. Please let us know if you want your bird kept frozen. 

Try Jamie Oliver's delicious Roast Goose with Christmas spices.

About U-Goose Emden-cross geese 

Bred, hatched and raised by Lucy and Herb MacKenzie on chemical-free pasture in a cool, high rainfall area of South Gippsland in Victoria. The geese are also killed on the farm, which means the entire life cycle occurs in one place, something that's very unusual these days.  

Previously, we sourced Lucy's award-winning geese direct from the old farm and on-farm abattoir at Llangothlin near Guyra, high in the New England region of NSW. But at the end of the big dry three years ago, Lucy and Herb relocated to Lucy’s home area of South Gippsland in Victoria, taking the geese with them.

The new farm is at Tarwin Lower, deep in a cool, wet area of South Gippsland more commonly associated with dairying than geese, but as it happens, high rainfall and cooler summers suit geese as well as cows so everyone's very happy. 

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