Back to School (or Work) Survival Box - save 10%

4 Feb 2023
An affordable collection of nutritious lunch box staples, after school snacks and super-fast dinners to get you through those first weeks of school or work.
  • Lunch box and after-school snacks: pastured ham, boiled eggs, smoked organic chicken breast, mini sausage rolls.
  • Quick dinners: marinated organic chicken drumsticks, marinated lamb skewers, meat sauce and pasta.


Pictured: Our Ferals on Three's first day at school. Just before everyone had a melt down.

We're clinging jealously to the last days of summer holidays before stripping off the budgie smugglers and stuffing ourselves back into work clothes, but nothing removes that holiday glow faster than the first week of the school year.

In our family it was a chaotic rollercoaster of clashing timetables, missing school books, weird haircuts, hysterical excitement and violent tantrums that left us all trembling and exhausted and it took the rest of the term to recover. But I'm sure that was just us, and an inadequate supply of prozac.

I'll bet you lot sail calmly and punctually (un-medicated) through Week One with gentle ease, not a hair out of place, guiding your neatly-attired, compliant progeny through the dangerous waters of new teachers and playground politics with consummate skill.

I think there are two tricks to avoiding mayhem: keep the kid numbers low (max two per family) and the food stocks high.

Which is where we come in.


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