Thank you

Thank you

To our local customers, both with and without ties to the US, who celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.

To the 16% of our readers who reside in the US where Thanksgiving is the biggest celebration of the year.

To all the rest of you reading this who put up with our bad jokes, soap-boxing, erratic e-commerce performance and eccentric retail location.

To those of you who don't read this but who patronise and support us and the farmers we represent.

To the farmers, without whose hard work and dedication we would all be much the poorer - let alone even have a business like Feather and Bone.

Lastly, to the gentleman on instagram who recently took me to task for 'promoting a holiday not even observed in this country'.

I can testify by our turkey sales that there are, in fact, quite a lot of people in Sydney celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow and I'll happily promote a foreign holiday if it gives me the opportunity to publish a beautiful shot of nuzzling Wallendbeen Park pigs and tell y'all how grateful we are for your support. (You can read more about those pigs in our report from Wallendbeen Park.)

And we're totally craven when it comes to opportunities for feasting with loved ones - we'll happily stretch that cultural connection til it's membrane-thin. Whether it's sharing a humble minute steak or gorging on a fabulous roast Almond Grove turkey, we'll take any excuse to spend pleasurable time together having a slap up feed. These are the moments that matter.

Right, now we've got that off our chest, it's time for some crass product promotion.

Laura Dalrymple

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