Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse Mozzarella: 210 gm


2 balls per bag, about 200-220 gm in total. Burraduc also make delicious Buffalo milk, yoghurt, feta and Dolce Nina cheese, all of which are available at our butchery.

Smooth, luscious, white balls, slightly elastic with a mild, earthy sweet flavour. It's best consumed slightly warm or at room temperature and served as simply as possible - with ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and a drizzle of Karrabool award-winning extra virgin olive oil, for example. Or, layered over our Roast Tomato Sauce on top of crumbed Veal Schnitzel for the most delicious Veal Parmigiana (see recipe below).

Mozzarella is all about freshness and texture and nothing is fresher than farmhouse mozzarella - where the entire process from breeding through to cheese-making occurs on the farm. 

We're proud to represent Burraduc Buffalo, NSW State Finalist in the 2018 and 2019 Delicious Produce Awards. We've been working with them since May 2017, not long after the farm dairy was licensed to operate. 

Most dairy products are made off-farm with milk shipped in from elsewhere. Burraduc Buffalo Dairy, owned and run by Andrei and Elena Swegen, at Bungwahl on the mid-NSW coast, is a rare farmhouse dairy where the entire process is contained on the farm. The Riverine buffalo are born, bred and milked on the farm and Elena Swegen makes her exquisite cheeses and yoghurt in the dairy next to the milking yard. It takes great skill to do it all - breed and raise animals, manage the pastures and make artisan dairy products from the milk - not many people can do it.

About Buffalo milk products
Compared to cows’ milk, buffalo milk contains 43% less cholesterol, 62% more calcium, 40% more protein and contains high levels of the antural antioxidant tocopherol. Buffalo milk can be suitable for people with cow milk allergies.

About Burraduc Farm
Burruduc Farm is the only NSW water buffalo dairy that is producing fresh milk and artisan cheeses by traditional methods in an A grade facility on the farm. It's a family-owned business wanting to showcase the full cycle of on-farm organic primary production: healthy soils and nutritious pastures enjoyed by healthy animals that are treated with love and respect, which produce wholesome clean milk, which is then turned into fresh dairy products using traditional methods.

The water buffalo herds are organically managed and pastured all year. Calves are allowed to stay with their mothers and graze freely and Elena and Andrei practice conservation agriculture and treat the ecosystem that supports us with the utmost respect.

Burruduc Farm is predator-friendly and does not endorse the killing of native or introduced wildlife. 

Read about our first visit to Burraduc.

Veal Parmigiana

Fry your schnitzel until it's golden and crisp. 
Heat the oven to 180. Spread a generous layer of tomato sauce over the base of a baking dish and lay the cooked schnitzel on top. Cover with a goodly sprinkle of freshly-grated parmesan, salt and pepper and lay thinly-sliced mozzarella slices on top. Then add another layer of tomato sauce, then mozzarella slices and finish with another sprinkling of parmesan. Cover the dish and bake for 20-25 minutes, then remove the cover and give it another 5-10 minutes. Whack it under the grill briefly for a really golden brown, melted cheese top.

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