Deutscher heritage turkey breast - marinated, sous vide

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Approximately 0.9 - 1.1 kg. Available from Monday 11th December. 

If the whole turkey's too much for you, we've prepared some tender, juicy marinated breasts that are par-cooked and almost ready to eat - super easy to prepare.

This is the perfect way to eat Christmas turkey in an Australian summer. The meat is light, juicy and flavoursome and perfect with either seasonal, fresh salads or traditional trimmings.

If you really want to make things easy, order our heat-and-eat stuffing!  

We tenderise Deutscher Heritage-breed pasture-raised turkey breasts in our Whey Bird Brine made with Burraduc buffalo milk whey left over from making the award-winning mozzarella at Burraduc Buffalo farm and dairy. Then we marinate them with Mudgee extra virgin olive oil, fresh bay leaves, thyme and pepper corns and gently sous vide them in a warm water bath so they are par-cooked but retain all the juices. 

Easy to prepare!
All you have to do is take the pack out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature. Pop it in a 160-170 degree oven to warm up for about 25 minutes and then under the griller to crisp up the skin. Alternatively, brown and crisp the skin in a pan, then into a bbq or oven to heat through. 

About Deutscher Pastured Heritage Turkeys

Pasture-raised, slow-growing, heritage turkeys are happiest, grow well and put on condition during the cooler months of the year. Deutscher Heritage Turkeys are harvested in peak condition in winter and snap frozen for us to enjoy in summer.

Unlike fast-growing, commercial turkey breeds, heritage breed turkeys grow slowly and naturally and thrive ranging free outside in cooler climates. The benefits of slower maturation, a more free and active life and a more complex diet that includes plenty of grasses and insects, results in a well-proportioned bird with finely textured, flavoursome meat and a higher fat content.

Photograph: Alan Benson.

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