Veal brisket boned 2.0 kg


Veal brisket is lighter and leaner than beef brisket but has similar, melt in your mouth flavours when cooked the right way. 

The traditional version is a braise with red wine, onions, garlic and carrots (which would also be delicious with a dollop of our Roasted Tomato Sauce).

But The Monday Morning Cooking Club also do a great fusion Chinese-Jewish version called Sunday Night Brisket - sort of Kylie Kwong meets Barbra Streisand.

The veal we source is: 

  • packed with the farm, certification (if applicable) and breed clearly labelled;
  • aged between four to eight months;
  • milk and grass-fed;
  • hormone and antibiotic-free;
  • born and bred on sustainably-managed (chemical-free) pasture;
  • raised with its mother and family group;
  • sourced directly from NSW farms and Stix River Dairy in Tasmania.

Read more about our veal here.

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