2018 Delicious Produce Awards NSW State Winners!

2018 Delicious Produce Awards NSW State Winners!

Congratulations to all the state winners in all categories, all of whom now progress through to compete in the national judging. Naturally, we're particularly stoked about the ones we're fortunate enough to represent. Ladies and Gentlepersons, please put your hands together for these talented and hardworking farmers...

~ Burraduc Buffalo: mozzarella
~ Country Valley: natural yoghurt
~ Grasslands Poultry: Sommerlad Heritage chickens
~ Moorlands Bio-dynamic Farm: Texel lamb
~ Piccolo Farm: Pastured quail


It's particularly interesting to note that four of the six winning chickens are Sommerlad Heritage chickens grown by the courageous, passionate and resourceful Sommerlad growers who were producing Sommerlad chickens and who chose to take over Michael and Kathryn Sommerlad's breeding stock when they were unable to continue last year. Their story is a remarkable one that is still unfolding and needs to be told. In the meantime, this result is a vindication of the Sommerlads' belief in the importance of genetic diversity and their 20 year quest to breed a healthy, vibrant chicken designed to thrive outside on Australian farms.

It's also important to remember that Sommerlad chickens grown by Milking Yard Farm won the national 'Paddock' award in both 2015 and 2016 and Michael and Kathryn Sommerlad were celebrated with a special Innovation Award in 2016.

Hats off to Bellasato Farm, Grassland Poultry and Milking Yard Farm and our heartfelt gratitude to Michael and Kathryn Sommerlad.
(That's Michael Sommerlad below with our Mr Bone in 2014 in his Dennis Lillee phase.)

Laura Dalrymple

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