Clean, local food with clear provenance

16 Mar 2020

It's times like these that we're grateful for our head-strong, obstinate streak. Over the last fourteen years, we've clung stubbornly to our commitment to buy whole animals directly from the farm and insisted on a level of transparency that delivers all of us a direct line of sight from the farm to the table and back again.

As everyone scrambles to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, stockpile toilet paper and make sense of a world in which drought, fire and pandemics are the new normal, we're comforted by the merciful brevity of our supply chains, the skill and vision of the local, regenerative farmers we represent and the quality of our products. Instead of travelling a long and murky journey, handled by many and laced with a cocktail of chemicals and preservatives, we can offer you healthy, robust, genetically-diverse, beautifully-raised produce that travels a very short, verifiable distance to your table.

In some cases, such as at Extraordinary Pork and Sommerlad chickens from Grassland Poultry, the animals are bred, raised and killed on the farm and then transported straight to us.

It doesn't get much more direct and transparent than that.

While most of the regenerative farmers we represent have received enough rain over the last month to start the long process of drought and fire recovery, things are still tough out in rural NSW and farmers still need our support.

Don't let a little thing like a pandemic stop you from sending your dollars their way.

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