Goat is the new lamb

9 Jul 2024

Our beautiful Boer goats are bred and pasture raised by The Gourmet Goat Lady (aka Jo and Craig Stewart) on their farm near Collie, west of Gilgandra, in Central Western NSW.

This is the best quality farmed goat in Australia.

We know this because we've done the research and we've been buying and selling and cooking it since November 2011.

Goat has it's fans, like our friend, James, who says 'Goat is the new lamb', but while goat meat and milk is commonly consumed overseas, in Australia we export a lot but we don't eat much. That's due partly to unfamiliarity, partly to poor quality and partly to bad press.

What is 'farmed' goat and why is it better?

In Australia, 90% of the goat sold and exported is feral or 'low input' composite goat - often marketed under the more poetic euphemism of 'Rangeland' goat. While it's a good thing to cull the numbers of destructive feral goats and not waste the meat, the quality of feral goat meat can be highly variable depending on where and how the goats lived. It's a bit of a lottery - sometimes it's plump and delicious and other times stringy and tough.

Gourmet Goat Lady farmed Boer goats, on the other hand, offer a completely different product that guarantees consistent quality, health and wonderful flavour.

Farmer oversight ensures that the goats are always well fed and healthy and the Boer genetics, developed in South Africa for superior meat quality, ensure a consistent product.

Don't just take our word for it. Jo and Craig Stewart won a coveted gold medal for a Gourmet Goat Lady rack (yes, rack) in the 'Best Branded Goat' category of the 2017 Australian Food Awards. 

What's the best way to cook goat?

Our book, The Ethical Omnivore, has some fabulous recipes for slow-cooked goat like Rachel's Oaxacan-style braised goat and Shalani's South Indian Goat Fry. And then there's delicious, rolled breast and ribs which are best value slow cooking.

But don't assume that goat is only for slow cooking! The loin cuts - cutlets, rack, loin chops and loin roast - are also sensational.

Our goats give the best lamb a run for the money as well as the full range of options.


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