How to eat like a Queen on a budget

How to eat like a Queen on a budget

The story below was shared by Kerrie, a customer, on our Feather and Bone facebook page and it's an expert example of how to simultaneously support regenerative farming, eat the best-quality food and still balance your domestic food budget.

Kerrie's food life of a Sommerlad chook

'You may hesitate to pay $60 for a chook, but what a chook it is! On Friday I pot simmered it. I put the chook in a pot covered with cold water, brought it to the boil, put the lid on, turned off the heat and left it for an hour. The most juicy, delicious chicken meat is pulled off the bone and then 2.5 litres of very light stock is poured off. Half goes in the freezer, the other half is used for a simple paella.

All the bones & carcass is then put into the remaining light stock, simmered for about 2 hours, strained and then put in a cold fridge where the most beautiful, clean chicken fat collects on the top. This fat is carefully scraped off and kept to use for roasting potatoes. The chicken stock is used with roast tomatoes and basil to make a soup.

So how many meals do we have from the whole chook? Well, 4 days of chicken meat, 2 days worth of paella, one day of chips, 2 days of tomato soup and another 2 days of pumpkin soup made with the remaining chicken fat in the pan and the remaining chicken stock in the fridge. And there is still the chicken stock in the freezer!'

Here's a recipe for poached chook, French-style, but it's also a staple of Asian cooking. As Kerrie says, you get a gorgeous broth at the same time. 

We'd be drongos not to take this opportunity to sing the praises of the unique Sommerlad chook and offer you the chance to cook one yourself... find out more and order your Sommerlad chook.

Photo by Moyan Brenn.

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