Introducing Burraduc Buffalo milk bliss

17 May 2017

Our first batch of mozzarella, feta, DolceNina and yoghurt arrived yesterday. Our advice is get in quickly so you don't miss out.

We often feel very lucky. We get to work with some of Australia's most gifted and visionary farmers and, if you don't eat it all first, we get to tuck into the fruits of their labour and wisdom. Recently we were given samples of some locally-made, traditional buffalo milk cheeses from Burraduc Farm made by artisan cheesemaker, Elena Swegen. It was delicate, delicious and very healthy, as we discovered. Did you know that buffalo milk contains 58% more calcium, 40% more protein and 43% less cholesterol than cows' milk as well as a favourable ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids and it can work for those with cow milk allergies? Me neither.

As we squabbled over the last slice of mozzarella and read up about the Swegens' progressive farming practice centred on respect and empathy, we started plotting a way to ensure a regular supply. First step was visiting the farm which we did last month.

Bordering the Myall Lakes National Park on the mid-north NSW coast, Burruduc Farm is owned and run by Elena and Andrei Swegen and is one of only two or three Australian buffalo dairy farms where everything occurs on farm - the Riverine buffalo are born, bred and milked on farm and their milk is made into products made on site by Elena according to traditional Italian methods. Most buffalo dairy products in Australia are imported and the small quantity of locally made products are largely made off farm and not by the farmer, so Burruduc is already very unusual. It's also a beautiful farm in an idyllic location with an A grade Food Safety-approved dairy and herds of ridiculously cute baby buffalo straight out of Disney central casting.

Burraduc buffalo


But it's the combination of intellectual rigour, respect, artistry and idealistic passion evident at every level at Burruduc that we found so compelling and delightful. In 2014, Elena was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship that allowed her to travel across Europe researching craft, innovation and welfare in the buffalo dairy industry. This experience helped hone and develop the Swegens' philosophy and practice and, in December last year, they started to sell their delicious, super fresh buffalo milk produce. We're very pleased to be able to offer it to you. As long as you leave some for us.

Find out more about Burruduc Buffalo. Order your cheese.

Grant at Burraduc

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