Malfroy's Gold really is the purest in the land

30 Mar 2023

Amid the ripples of the grim IPCC Climate Change Report 2023 and the constant hum of distress over the disturbing number of banned chemicals used in Australian agriculture, we're buoyed by the work of heroic farmers working against this tide. So in news that will lift your spirits, recent tests prove that Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey is entirely chemical-free! In our opinion, this should be front-page news.

The purest honey in the land

Award-winning, Malfroys Gold Blue Mountains Polyflora Wild Honey and Post Brood honeys have one of the highest medicinal activity ratings (TA 26+) and very high pollen counts which is cause enough to celebrate. But recent test results for over 350 commonly found chemicals, including Glyphosate which is endemic in the food chain, reveal that these honeys are COMPLETELY CHEMICAL FREE. No pesticides, fungicides, neonicotinoids, environmental contaminants such as lead or any of the suite of other chemicals that are routinely used in commercial beekeeping.

"Shockingly there is no regular monitoring of agricultural chemicals in most food sold domestically in Australia, despite a recent pilot program to monitor pesticides revealing residues up to 90 times the permitted maximum levels in strawberries", says Tim Malfroy in an article about the test results.

This result is a remarkable achievement that justifies the description of this honey as 'wild' and testifies to the Malfroys' skill, effort and long-standing commitment to natural beekeeping and landscape vitality.

Unsurprisingly, this honey is incomparably delicious - one of those rare, deeply satisfying occasions where the thing that you can't get enough of is also incredibly good for you. 

Available online or in store. Be quick, it sells out.

Image: Malfroy's Gold

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