Marrook Farm bio-dynamic Ayrshire/Aussie Red veal

Marrook Farm bio-dynamic Ayrshire/Aussie Red veal

These excellent dairy bull calves were bred and raised on Marrook Farm, a beautiful property on the Bulga Plateau on the mid-north NSW coast that's been a certified Demeter bio-dynamic dairy farm for 35 years. For decades, David Marks and Heidi Fallding have raised and milked Ayrshire/Aussie Reds and transformed the milk into award-winning dairy products - all on the farm in a wonderful, rare, closed loop process that allows optimum outcomes and quality. We can vouch for this because we sold Marrook Farm yoghurt and hard cheeses from 2011 to 2017.

We're now proud to be representing Marrook Farm veal, the five-six month old bull calves from the Ayrshire/Aussie Red dairy herd.

Sadly, David passed away in November 2020. He was widely respected in the Australian bio-dynamic and regenerative agriculture movement and his wisdom and generosity will be missed by many. He was also wry and witty and very good with feral children.

We last visited the farm in January of 2015, accompanied by the two youngest ferals (10 and 13) who grumbled bitterly at having to visit ANOTHER farm and things didn't start well. As David walked up to greet us in gum boots, his long white hair covered by something that might once have passed for a hat, the boys tumbled out of the car, hungry and narky from the long drive and Feral 2 muttered something rude about hillbillies. We were completely mortified

We never knew if David heard the remark but within about 10 minutes he had them both completely tamed and charmed and eating out of his hands. Then Heidi presented them with home made strudel and they decided they never wanted to leave.

Below are a few snaps from that visit.

Marrook vealers

Marrook David Marks

Marrook ferals

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