Please help two people in need

Please help two people in need

Pictured: Sarah, Vivien, David and Jake Brown.

A fire and a series of tragic health problems has left two young members of our extended community orphaned and homeless. As part of the Feather and Bone community, we're asking you to help.

If you pause to consider, it's extraordinary how differently we all experience the same moment. On the morning of Monday 22 July, our family was setting off for the day - I was making lunches, barking at the ferals to hustle them out the door to school, feeding the chooks, planning the week. But at the same time, three hours drive south west of Sydney near the hamlet of Dalton, a house was on fire and Jake (19) and Sarah (22) Brown were left orphaned and homeless, their lives changed forever. Jake was Vince Heffernan's farm hand at Moorlands Farm so if you've enjoyed Moorlands Texel lamb this year you'll appreciate that Jake had a hand in helping to manage the farm and produce those lambs. Vince described the situation with great pathos on facebook on 23 July.

'Any ordinary day.
Monday was a normal day. Big frost promises a nice still sunny day to follow. Ideal for sheep farming work.
The young (19) lad who works for me has had a tough run of luck. Some little things like an accident that saw his vehicle off the road for months - tough in rural Australia. Bigger thing too, like the death of his Mum when he was 16 from Motor Neurone Disease. Devastating. He struggled and I and others were worried he might not cope.
Monday, at just before 9am, his house caught fire and burnt down. His father, who had been battling cancer, died in the fire. He and his 22 year old sister have lost their father - are orphans - and their house. They stood with me whilst the local RFS watered the curling tin and smouldering timber that was only hours before their home. No photos or keepsakes. Nothing but the clothes on their back.
Just an ordinary day.
They need to rebuild the house and their lives.'

How you can help
As Vince says, these kids need our help and compassion. They (and we) need to believe and know that community works. If you're moved to help, there are two ways to contribute - via a gofundme campaign or directly into a bank account. Gofundme charges 2.2% on all donations so, if you'd prefer that your entire donation goes to Jake and Sarah, you can do a direct transfer. Vince has given us their bank account details so please email us for the details.

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