10 kg English Longhorn Wagyu cross Beef Box

10 kg English Longhorn Wagyu cross Beef Box

Buy the box - available from Thursday 11th May.

Save money, support planet-friendly farming and enjoy a unique product. This is the only place you'll find rare breed English Longhorn crossed with premium Wagyu.

It's a combination of the lean, fine grain of English Longhorn and the silky intramuscular fat of Wagyu together with all the benefits of grazing on healthy, biodiverse, regeneratively managed pastures.

We're all feeling the tension between managing budgets and saving the planet. So here's a bulk-buy solution that helps with the bottom line, promotes no-waste/nose-to-tail eating, supports regenerative farms working to mitigate against climate change and gives you some of the most sensational beef in the country!

About the box

  • A unique offering - rare breed, English Longhorn crossed with Wagyu (more below)
  • 24-36 months old with developed flavour (no yearling beef here)
  • Bred, raised and finished on pristine Tasmanian pastures
  • Two weeks dry-aged
  • Mix of prime and secondary cuts

About the beef

Last month we visited the herd containing the two Diemen's Ridge heifers that are in this exclusive box offer - they're in the herd shown in the main photo here. These heifers come from the only commercial herd of rare English Longhorn in Australia that have been crossed with Wagyu - the Wagyu bloodlines being sourced from the famous Robbins Island Wagyu herds in Tasmania's north west.

We're proud to be offering this product and also to be the exclusive retailer of Diemen's Ridge pure English Longhorn, the only commercial Australian herd of this rare breed - read about it here.

The Diemen's Ridge cattle project is managed across two farms, 'Dalness' near Evandale and another farm at Mersey Forest near Mole Creek, about 100 km’s west of Evandale where the bulk of the English Longhorn herd is based. Both are beautiful farms and key to the Randall family regeneration project.

The black, English Longhorn Wagyu cross heifers and steers are all raised at the Mersey Forest farm.

Mersey Forest Diemen's Ridge cattle

Flanked by the spectacular Great Western Tiers, the farm is on richer soil, with higher rainfall and cattle fatten easily here.

The geological term for this country is 'karst' terrain and it's dotted with tell-tale swales and with a network of subterranean limestone caves that are sometimes alarmingly close to the surface. Sinkholes are common and you need to have your wits about you when driving across the farm to avoid ending up in a cave.

The Mersey Forest farm is also home to the 'dry cow' herd - cows taking a restorative break between calving.

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