The good, the bad and the smorgasbord

The good, the bad and the smorgasbord

Photo of Grassland Sommerlad chook by Alan Benson from our book, The Ethical Omnivore.

New classes are up, Easter's around the corner and it's Tuesday which means award-winning, Grassland Poultry Sommerlad chooks and Boer goats arrive fresh tomorrow!

These facts, together with a butchery bursting with a smorgasbord of diverse breeds and species, always jollies us up and Lord knows we need it today after yet another gloomy, IPPC report about climate change.

The good news is that we're better placed to turn the tide. Opportunities to affordably cut global emissions have risen sharply since the last assessment of this kind in 2014, so our chances of survival have improved. Huzzah!

The bad news is we've almost run out of time to do it. 

The Conversation finished their review with this cheery call to action.
"This latest report shows how the choices we make now will determine the fate of generations to come – and all life on this planet. Humanity has already missed so many opportunities to stabilise Earth’s climate. We now have the chance to right some of those past wrongs. Only an urgent, concerted effort across all sectors and nations, starting today, will deliver the change needed." 

Doomsday is nipping at our heels and we need to look seriously lively if we're going to fix things in time to avoid a world where all the crap we've been dealing with for the last three years becomes situation normal. The time for change was yesterday, but today might just give us a pass.  

Here at Feather and Bone, we've chosen to beat a regenerative path out of climate change and we are determinedly optimistic about our chances.

Each regeneratively-managed farm we work with acts like a big, climate-mitigating sponge - storing water, capturing carbon and fostering life above and below the ground.

These farms are resilient and productive, the people running them are wise, compassionate and energised by the transformational nature of their work, the animals are calm, healthy and strong and, darling, the food is SO MUCH BETTER than anything produced in conventional farming systems.

So, on the subject of Urgent Action to Mitigate Climate Change and Also Eating Delicious and Nutritious Food Without Going Bankrupt, we reckon the conclusions are pretty clear.

Choose regeneratively-farmed, healthy food!

It tastes better, it's cheaper in the long run and it doesn't cost the earth.

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