Redefining lamb and the 'under-loved' cuts

6 Jun 2019

In an odd coincidence, we featured twice in the Sydney Morning Herald last week, on Tuesday in Good Living and on Thursday on page five in the news section. In both instances, we were talking about sheep.

On Tuesday, 'Good Living' included a welcome piece about using the so-called 'secondary' cuts that are over-looked in preference for the more familiar steaks and chicken breasts. Naturally, we blathered on endlessly about the importance of eating the whole animal, not wasting a skerrick and the joys of cuts like lamb breast or ribs. The article includes some good recipes for all sorts of other cuts as well such as pork hock, brisket and chicken marylands which are, hands down, the best part of the chook. Read the article here.

On Thursday, Jenny Noyes interviewed Mr Bone for a story about the very interesting changes in lamb definition.

'Until now, the Australian definition has rested on an "arbitrary" age marker that farmers and butchers say dramatically reduces the value of perfectly tender meat. But from July 1, the definition of lamb will change, meaning Australian farmers will be able to sell some of the stock that is classified as hogget under the current system for about $50 more – and the nation's lamb lovers will be none the wiser.'

Read the article here. 

Dressing hogget as lamb - Grant in coolroom

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