We're here for you. Literally.

We're here for you. Literally.

Dear Sydney,

After drowning our sorrows about the lockdown extension last night and gritting our teeth today at the most recent numbers, we have one thing to say.

We are here for you.

That might sound nauseatingly glib and we might look like deranged bandits with questionable fashion sense (and, frankly, under the current circumstances we sometimes feel that way). But we do mean it. Whatever happens, we'll be here at our Marrickville butchery, working to ensure we continue to support the farmers we represent and you continue to receive the same clean, local, ethically-raised food travelling as short and direct a route to your table as possible.

Of course, we don't do it on our own and often, the produce is delivered directly to us by the farmers who grow it. Yesterday, Will Mussett from Mussett Holdings in the Southern Highlands brought us fresh eggs and gorgeous mushrooms and Bryan Kiss from Grassland Poultry delivered our fresh Sommerlad heritage chooks - born, bred and killed on the farm then driven straight to us. One stop.

Today, Andrew Hearne from Near River Produce arrived with his pigs and our spanking fresh Burraduc Buffalo cheeses and milk. We’ll take snaps of them too - they're all lovely and incredibly good at what they do.

As, if we may say, are our team who are capable, determined, hard working and funny and we reckon we're blessed.

Butchery staff - lockdown 29.7.21

Our drivers aren't pictured here because they're out on the road, ferrying boxes of wool-insulated goodies far and wide across Sydney. If you can't come to us, we'll come to you. We've been doing this for 15 years and, plague or not, we don't intend to stop now.

On that note, once you've said hello to our lovely staff, let's talk business. As in the business of tucking into the gob-smackingly gorgeous list of gear we've got in store at the moment and thereby putting your money where your mouth is in support of a healthier, sustainable, equitable food system.

This is one shop you're allowed to browse...

Retail staff - lockdown 29.7.21

Retail staff lockdown 2 - 29.7.21

Butchery staff lockdown 2 - 29.7.21

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