We're struggling and celebrating!

30 Jan 2022

We're struggling here, we really are.

It's taking all our self-control not to scream with hysterical joy because, for the first time in 22 years, WE DON'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN GOING BACK TO SCHOOL NEXT WEEK. Not one, nada, zilch, finito, we're done. All three ferals through the gate and no more sitting in the headperson's office getting in trouble ever, ever, ever, ever again.

We could go on (and on and on) about the unimaginable pleasure of liberation from school timetables, homework, the tyranny of school lunches, rank lunchboxes, clashing sport schedules, uniforms, gaming, cranky teachers, lost equipment and belting from work to avoid sinful pick-up tardiness. But gloating is extremely unattractive. So we definitely won't do that.

Also this new era offers us the appealing opportunity for an image makeover from cranky, harried, horrible working parents to calm, compassionate human beings full of the milk of human kindness, skipping around dispensing joy and regenerative produce to the world. We'll definitely need new wardrobes. And more hashtags.

In the meantime, we know only too well what the first weeks of term are like - and we only had two pandemic years to negotiate, you lot are onto your third. We raise our cocktail glasses to all you parents and carers and kids and wish you all the very best (and only slightly smug) wishes for a smooth and happy start to the year.

We'll be over here skipping if you need us.

To celebrate (that's us) and offer assistance (that's you), we're taking 15% off our sliced ham made from pastured, heritage-breed pigs

Back-to-school lunch box & quick dinner suggestions
15% off packs of pastured pork sliced ham
27% off pastured pork half hams (good value if you're making 25 plus lunches a week).
Fennel, plain or chilli sopressa
Smoked organic chicken breast
Organic chicken drumsticks or wings
After school snack / quick dinner sausage rolls
Lovely lasagna and Put Your Feet Up sauces
And Mrs Feather's Meat Tray and Mr Bone's Budget Box give you all the staples you need for a feeding the family.

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