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All our poultry is raised ranging freely outside on chemical-free pastures. All feed is medication-free and the birds are processed without bleach or chemicals. All products are labelled with the farm on which they're grown. 

We offer two different kinds of chickens. 

  • Cobb/Ross white chickens. These are the same genetics as 99.9% of Australian meat chickens and ours are certified organic and pasture-raised. The difference is that the organic ones are fed certified organic grain. Buy both here.
  • Sommerlad Heritage chickens. These are slow growing, heritage birds that look, behave and taste completely different to the Cobb/Ross white birds. They're in short supply so please contact us if you'd like to make an order.

If you don't see a product you're after here, just email or call and we'll make it for you.

Or come and select from the full range at our Marrickville Butchery. Pick up your Sift Produce fresh fruit and vegetables each Saturday morning. 

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Pasture-raised eggs: dozen
Organic eggs: dozen
Multi award-winning Sommerlad Heritage chicken
Sommerlad Heritage chicken marylands - pair
Frozen Humane Choice Free Range whole turkey - Almond Grove Farm
Durdin pastured Pekin ducks
Pastured chicken
Pastured chicken
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Organic chicken large app 2.0 kg
Organic chicken medium app 1.7 kg
Organic chicken: Mediterranean marinade
Organic chicken: Moroccan marinade
Organic chicken thighs app 350 gm
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Organic chicken wings
Organic chicken liver
Organic chicken schnitzel app 500 gm
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Organic chicken mince
Organic chicken breast app 500 gm
Pastured chicken bone broth
Organic chicken and tarragon sausages
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