Christmas is Better with Community

6 Nov 2020

Christmas is Better with Community - brought to you by Feather and Bone and the 2020 Sky Screamer Rollercoaster Ride

Yes, it's hard to believe, but this is not fake news. This screaming, stomach-lurching, sphincter-clenching, white-knuckle 2020 rollercoaster has turned a sharp corner and is now hurtling irrevocably towards the 25th December. When it arrives, it will stop briefly to give all trembling occupants a chance to breathe, rearrange clothing, wipe down the seats and stock up on travel-sickness bags before handing over to 2021, which will hopefully change pace and deliver a tea cup ride or a quiet amble round the diversity-filled block with David Attenborough or another of your favourite nonagenarians.

Given the unpredictability of this jolting 2020 ride, it's a bit hard to focus on that blurry, shiny, Christmassy thing in the distance, but we'd encourage you to try your hardest. Because this year, more than ever, don't we all need something lovely to look forward to? What could be lovelier than coming together for a slap-up, celebratory feast surrounded by an appropriately-sized selection of your nearest and dearest?

Because, if nothing else, 2020 has brought into stark relief the critical importance of harmonious, functioning communities.

Humour us a moment as we take to the lectern to hammer that point home and shamelessly promote our book, The Ethical Omnivore. (Which, by the way, Dr Elizabeth Farrelly suggests should be stuffed in every Christmas stocking you can find. There you go, Christmas presents sorted.)

As we blathered on in said humble tome, we have become fully paid-up members of the Cult of Community and we're convinced that, if we all accept the truth of our essential interconnectedness - that we are all inextricably attached to and responsible for Nature and every living thing within her bosom - then we will manage together to find a way to live happily ever after. Ok, that's probably going a bit far. How about just find a way to continue living on this planet without destroying our descendants' chances?

We've seen the inspiring transformations that occur when vibrant communities flourish at every level, from microbial activity in the soil through to suburban human networks. But it's also increasingly clear what happens when communities are smothered or starved - when soil turns into lifeless dust and people turn on each other. If we needed any more convincing of the knock-on affect of our actions on the world around us, surely this year has given it to us in spades?

It's been a tough year and never has community been so important. So here at Feather and Bone HQ, we're fixing our sights on that blurry Christmas in the near distance and when it comes we're going to give it one hell of a nudge.

Piles of delicious food and wine, too many toasts to 'Community!', lots of war stories from the 2020 rollercoaster and lots of inebriated declarations of affection for all the wonderful people we work with, our gorgeous customers and anyone else within earshot.

Right, that's enough blathering, we have community work to do.

There's a fire and covid-affected community down south that needs a Christmas Feast and together, we're going to help fund it!

Find out more about the 2020 Two Good Quaama Community Xmas cooking class and feast

  • We're donating $5.00 for every Christmas order placed before 1st December.
  • Please buy raffle tickets to win prizes and pay for the Feast.

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