Mothers' Day lather

Mothers' Day lather

I was a bit rude about this last year (I blame it on delirium caused by excess exposure to Lynx deodorant) so I'm determined to be jollier about it this year. Which is easy when I look at the delicious things on offer and anticipate the feast in store.

Mothers' Day is one of those events that puts me in a lather of conflicting emotions and intentions.

On one hand I think it's nonsense, a con designed to trigger guilt and avarice and make us spend more money on things we don't need. But on the other hand, I'll take any excuse to raise a glass and scoff a plate of something special with my darling mother - and my pungent offspring. (Why do teenage boys feel the urge to use cheap scented deodorant that makes them smell like old taxis - all stale sweat and motel air freshener? The boys obviously find it appealing but do teenage girls like it?)

It's also very hard to quarrel with any initiative that encourages my dependents and significant other to make a fuss of me for a day.

So without further ado, I'm chucking all reservations to the wind and applying myself to the difficult task of deciding which of our fabulous offerings I'm going to demand for my Mothers' Day feast.

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