'PLACE THIS IN THE COMPOST!' said the butcher excitedly to her customer, waving a vacuum-sealed, plastic bag of sausages in the air.

We’ve been waiting over 10 years and, finally, we’ve found plant-based, bio-plastic bags that are food safe, can withstand vacuum sealing and freezing and break down in a domestic compost in six months. Sourced from Grounded Packaging, these bags are slightly opaque and are clearly marked 'compostable'. We started introducing them into our range several weeks ago and eventually they'll be the majority of what we use.

But wait, there's more!

We've also started using compostable, un-coated Butchers' paper!

Butchers' paper

Here are our fresh, pasture-raised NSW pork and fennel snags lounging seductively on our new butchers’ paper. For years we've also been unsuccessfully searching for butchers' paper that isn't coated with plastic or wax. But, finally, we've found a simple, vegetable-based paper that is, simply, paper. No silicon, no wax, no waste, no plastic bags. 

More information about these things and other initiatives we're working on to improve our footprint coming soon.

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