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For more information, options and a quote, please email or call and we'll be happy to tailor a class for you.

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We offer private classes for groups of up to 20 people who are looking for a unique and inspiring experience.

We cater for everything from company team-building, buck or hen's parties, staff development, Christmas parties, family get-togethers or just a group of friends catching up to do something a bit different.

Our classes are hands on, creative and eye-opening and are designed to teach good knife skills, explain what goes into raising great meat and inspire a more thoughtful approach to buying, cooking and eating meat.

We visit every farm from which we source and, over the last ten years, we've learned a huge amount and gained a deep appreciation for the importance of knowing where your food comes from, how it lived and how it died. We've come to understand that each carcass hanging in our cool room represents not just a life and a genetic package, but also encapsulates everything about the farm from which it came - the soil, the plants, the climate and the management practices used by the farmer.

So our classes always start in our cool room among these carcasses and we explain how the animals were grown, what they ate, the importance of soil health, the principles of regenerative farming and how all of that influences the carcass. Once we’ve been through the cool room, our students are beginning to understand that the meat they’re cutting is so much more than inanimate flesh.

Instead they can see that it’s a tangible expression of the farm it comes from and the way it was raised. Which makes learning to butcher it much more interesting!

Class structure

We base our private classes on one of our three class formats: sausage making, whole animal butchery or home butchery.

Each class starts with an introduction in the cool room giving a detailed explanation of our particular approach, where the carcasses come from, how they're grown and how that influences the meat. This usually prompts a lot of questions and interesting discussion and sets the tone for the rest of the class.

We'll then demonstrate the skills we're teaching, carefully explaining techniques and anatomy. Then everyone gets to try it themselves, under our watchful eyes.

Each class ends with a barbecue of meats, Bread + Butter Project bread, Pepe Saya butter, Cornersmith pickles and local beer from our neighbour, Batch Brewery.

Participants leave with all the meat they cut and a head full of inspiration, knowledge and (hopefully) a commitment to only eat sustainably-raised meat in the future.


Depending on your group and what you want to get out of the experience, we can tailor the classes to emphasise different aspects.


 Location: Feather and Bone Butchery, Marrickville
Group size: 10 - 20 people
Duration: 3 - 4 hours
What's included: Tuition, barbecue, local beer and the meat the students cut

From $120 per person, depending on the class*

*Minimum spend applies.

For more information, options and a quote, please email or call and we'll be happy to tailor a class for you.

(02) 9818 2717

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